Man and Machine is the home of Transformx Endurance Systems. Transformx is a functional fitness system designed to elevate athletic performance for action sports (motocross, snowmobile and boarders), martial arts, yoga and lets not forget where we all started... bicycling.

Competition or just training for fun, all Transformx Endurance Systems are innovative functional fitness products that challenge performance thresholds and deliver superior results.

Check out our video introduction to the Transformx TFX-1R WARRIOR

2012 Transformx TFX-1R WARRIOR multi-functional endurance bar designed for push-ups, pull-ups, warm-ups and countless other exercises to help you become a better rider and athlete. For 2012 all Transformx Endurance systems include introduction to training with Transformx Fitness.

Transformx Endurance Systems are currently being used by the worlds greatest athletes to amplify their talent by increasing core strength, speed, reaction time, balance and anaerobic threshold.

Transformx Champions

James Stewart #7 2009 AMA Supercross Champion Transformx TFX-1R

Trey Canard #39 2008 East Coast Lites Supercross Champion Transformx TFX-1R

Ryan Dungey #10 2009 West Coast Lites Supercross Champion Transformx TX-B

Heath Voss #13 2004 AMA FIM World Supercross Champion TFX-1R

Ashley Fiolek #1 WMA Pro National Champion Transformx TFX-1R

Jerry Lymburner #555 A VERY FAST Privateer Transformx TFX-1R

Patent No.: US 6,945,918 B1, other patents pending. Transformx is a registered trademark of man and machine LLC

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